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More hua’er

Two more images from Hua’er clubs in Qinghai. Spent about 10 days there. And these images are the last ones to post before I go back to shoot more. So far, all these, including those posted earlier, are just a … Continue reading

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my favorite neighbor

Eloise Clark is my favorite neighbor. She is a happy person because she easily discovers the good in the persons she meets and deals with, not excluding prisoners. 我的邻居, 一位与人为善的慈祥老太太, 很快乐的一位老太太.

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Xingjing Village (兴井村)

中秋那天, 与华师的韩益民老师, 其学生格花, 及河源文联某主任一同到和平县林和寨的兴井村. 村子古老, 四角楼古韵十足, 可惜是短时间里的走马观花.  更可惜古村的保护措施多有缺欠. 有人提出发展古村落旅游业, 以此重振古村落文化. 或许也是一条路子, 可想想全国上上下下的旅游旺地, 许多都已面目模糊. 不免又有些怀疑. Snapshots from a day trip to Xingjing Village of Heping County. Snapshots, lazy snapshots. Should have think more and camera should have been more active:(

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Dad lives in the city almost all his life, but he is able to do some farmer’s work and enjoys it. What loves the most is gardening. Since Mom likes  growing vegetables rathern than flowers in our two yards, Dad … Continue reading

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I wanna play!

Tongtong loves playing outside our house with the neighbors’ kids. But she is not allowed to play outside until she finishes her supper. Even I, her favorite aunti mommy, won’t open the gate for her until she finishes eating. Nor … Continue reading

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I didn’t like pigs until one day I visited a pig farm. They are roaring and jumping when I got there. They expected me to feed them, I guess. They greeted the wrong person:)

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