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Red. Yes, it’s red, not blue, or yellow.

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driving in the sunset

Chinese Near Year’s Day, also Valentine’s Day. We made a brief trip to Old Man’s Cave, roamed in the snow, and drove home in the sunset. We had a good day, a good beginning for the Year of Tiger.

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一个梦: 我的拇指甲飞速地长,形成贝壳的形状,然后脱落。一个贝壳脱落后,新的又长出来。 过了一些日子,又做了一个奇怪的梦: 街市上有一具男人的尸体。一群人用九牛二虎之力把那尸体抬去焚烧。我好奇地观看。当人群散去,我看见那个尸体盘腿坐在离地面两米高的空中。他的四周是灰色的骨灰形成的环。那环像环绕佛像的那种,但没有光,没有色彩,是骨灰,灰色的。他似乎在微笑。

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because of them

A loner for a long time and living by myself for several years, I almost forgot the word roommates till recently, when I have two great roommates. They drag me off my computer and get me to eat and drink … Continue reading

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