Eat, then fly, then take a quiet moment to enjoy shadows…

Stuck with paper work and editing work, I haven’t taken pictures for days. A strange feeling. A little guilty, I feel. Only when I pick up the camera and press the shutter, will I feel assured.

I want to feel assured.

So I took a picture of my pomegranate the other day. The pomegranate seeds glistened in the light, which seeped through tree leaves, traveled thorugh the window and rested on my table, which served as my desk. They were as beautiful as they were delicious, making me happy.

Then today, coming out of Martin L. King Library in downtown DC, the birds flew into my eyes. I was amazed to see them. How come I never noticed them before? Were they not there yet, or I was just in a hurry? These flying birds made my day.

So eat,  fly, then take a moment to enjoy shadows, or music. Not hiphop, though… Well, shouldn’t I live like this?

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