first snaps of 2011

Twelve days of the year of 2011 have gone, but this is my first post for the new year: a few snapshots from the past few days.

The first two images from somewhere in Kentucky on I-64, when I was driving up to DC from Dallas. It was a difficult drive. Really more dangerous than difficult. I literally had to drive half blinded. Some stupid mechanic put water to my tank  (without telling me), which was of course frozen not long after I left Dallas. So I couldn’t wash the dirty windshield while driving in the snow storm. Even though I cleaned it each time I filled the gas, it got dirty again a few minutes later, because cars and trucks roared past me, spilling the dirty snow and salt to my car. It was more horrible when it got dark…I am still amazed I reached my destination alive.

I was assuming the pump needs fixing and was quite disheartened by the thought that I need to spend money fixing it. Nothing is more painful for a struggling photographer than spending money. When I drove my car to a mechanic in Rockville, MD, the kind Persian gentleman said to me,  “Miss, you know the difference between Texas and here, don’t you?”

I was puzzled. What has that to do with my car.

“You can’t put water in your tank.”

“Water? No! I never put water in my tank. I always used the liquid good for -20 degree. I used to live in Colorado. I know that…”

“Any way, you have water in your tank and the whole tank is frozen. It will take hours to melt…”

“How can that be?”

“Did you change your oil in Texas?”

“Ah, that must be it! The mechanic put water to my tank when he changed oil for me!”

I was angry. But I was more relieved than angry: I didn’t need to spend a lot of money fixing it.

The next three images from last night, outside Amercian University, before I went to an ASMP gathering to present my Puzhu in Transition. Snow just started. Small flakes fell and melted on my windshield. Then a car emitted lots of blue smoke drove past me.

These two below are from today, on my way home from DC library. It was on Georgia Ave.

Then my place. Window. I always love windows. Windows mean a lot to me.

Then my sweaters. I didn’t place them for pictures. I simply saw them. Later, I tried to do some still life with them, they were just not as attractive. They lost the sense of being real.

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