still moments of my life in limbo

I’ve been living in limbo for years and years. But no other time  is more frustrating than last few months. I have tried to do something to pull myself out of many dark moments, not always successfully. Thanks for my Teddy Bear, thanks for Tom, and many other friends, I am walking away from them.

I pick up my camera more often. I resume my habit of taking my camera bag wherever I go. I read again. When I read Edward Hopper, I was so intrigued by the way he saw light and shapes and his ability to creat the atmosphere in his paintings. And they are all from eveyday life scenes, which are easily taken for granted…

So I think, are there any pictures in my boring life in limbo? Maybe that glimpse of my sweater which was caught in the morning sunlight is one of them. The black sweater hanging in the bathroom is another one. Maybe there are more? Maybe the kitchen table yesterday? Maybe my books on the ground?

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