warrior dash “涌”奔

I photographed an event called Warrior Dash near Dallas, TX. People dressed themselves up as characters different from their selves. They ran. They drank. They jumped over fires. They dived into muds… In short, they paid 45 bucks just to get dirty.

This was certainly a commercial entertainment event, but I do appreciate something that I never experienced in China. Sometimes it is good to be bold. Yet I wouldn’t pay money to get dirty. I’d rather drive to the middle of nowhere, roll crazy, and shout and yell to the clouds.

虽然英文名是Warrior Dash,直译应为勇奔,但“涌”奔似乎更准确地说明该事件的性质。穿奇装异服,描脸抹身的一群男女,涌聚在达拉斯郊外, 狂饮啤酒,更是花上45美金,跃过烈火,纵身跳入一潭稀烂的泥巴里,图的是痛快。



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