sexy shovel at dusk 黄昏天色,性感铁铲

The shovel lies in the grass at our front yard. I see her from a house away as I walk the dogs home. The sexiest shovel I’ve seen. I feel an urge to photograph her.

Toward dusk, I drive this sexy shovel to the White Rock Lake, have her lie down in the tall grasses, and snap quite a few pictures of her.  She is the best model, besides Ning.  Somehow the pictures   haven’t captured what I first see in her. Still, she looks sexy. A sexy model, the shovel from our yard.

As it gets dark, it is impossible to see her clearly. My camera can’t focus.  But I don’t want to leave. The grasses look saturated, like an oil painting. The breeze is refreshing. The air smells peaceful.  The geese sound gleeful.  I stay for another half hour.






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