I am NOBODY (2) 我是无名之辈之二

This is not the best morning for NOBODY. She feels a little off, for reasons she doesn’t want to talk about. She walks the dogs,  who keep her company as she reads The New York Times, with Debussey’s “Images” on. They lie by her feet as she stands in front of the window in her office, looking into distance.

There is no sunshine outside, but she feels she needs the shelter of sunglasses. Though she is very clear no one would notice a NOBODY’s eyes, not to say the stories behind them, today she desperately needs to hide behind the sunglasses, which gives her both privacy and a sense of security.

The air is still outside, not stirred even a little bit. But she feels a bit chilly, and covers herself with a silk scarf.

The dogs feel her and insist on staying with her. They are her best friends. She loves them dearly. They are always together as long as she is home. Unfortunately, she is leaving without them soon.  She already misses them.





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