beauty of fading 褪亦美

Beauty of Fading – Images by xiaomei chen


I  always find it difficult to throw away flowers. Even fading flowers attract me. There is some quality and beauty in them that fresh ones lack, pretty much like an old lady bearing some elegance and wisdom that a young woman is yet to learn, however pretty she is. I once told my grandma how beautiful she was and how much I wish I could have her beauty. She always laughed and said what a silly girl I was – because she wished she were my age.

The bouquet Rex sent me had been sitting in my room for two weeks till this moring. The colors were fading and the petals were falling. Yet this did not make it easy for me to let go of the bouquet. So I decided to take pictures of it before I let go. And I decided to over-expose them to get a relatively high key look – except a few, of course.



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