“a wonderful world” “美好的世界”


I was reading a book in the train, trying to ignore the unescapable noises, when I heard a man singing. His voice was almost devoured by the roaring train, but I heard him singing. I heard words like “what a wonderful world.”

I turned to where the singing came from and saw this man in a suit with a bow tie, holding a recorder and a bag. He was singing hard. Then he took out a litte bucket from his bag and reached out to the passengers. Not many people gave tips. I felt sorry for him and gave him a few quarters.

The train stopped.

He walked toward the door.

It suddenly occurred to me that I might want to photograph him.  I followed him to the next compartment and asked if I could photograph him. He was very friendly about it.

His name is Robert Hilton and he lives in uptown Manhattan. He has been singing in the metro for ten years, mostly on R train between Queens and manhattan. He makes $50 on a good day, $15 on a bad day. He only sings one song in the train -”What A wonderful World,” because he found passengers respond to it: People are more willing to give tips if they are told they live in a wonderful world.




歌手名叫Robert Hilton,十年来一直在纽约地铁卖唱。生意好时挣50美金,不好时挣十来二十美金。他在地铁只重复唱一首歌:《多美好的世界》,因为他发现乘客只对这首歌有些反应——大概内心太渴望世界变得美好吧。

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