Soledad Bravo takes me into daydreaming 又一个白日梦

听Soledad Bravo,想委内瑞拉,想南美洲,想那些美丽的人,动听的音乐——自然的、人为的,炫丽的色彩,温暖的气息,清凉的空气……一切都是我的幻想。但所有的幻想在我的白日梦里都很真切,我不舍得离开肥皂泡似的白日梦。如果开车穿越那美丽、神秘又有点危险的南美大陆,会有什么样的精彩?连路途的危险都会变成动听的故事,是不是?

In chants by Soledad Bravo, I think of Vénézuela and I think of South America. I think of the beautiful people, the mesmerizing sounds and music, the brightening colors, the warm atmosphere and the cool and crispy air…

All this is imagination, or my daydreaming, yet all is vivid and feels real. I like to stick to this daydream. What would it be like driving all the way down, down, down to the southern tip of that mysterious continent? Even the danger will eventually become intriguing and beautiful stories. Isn’t it right?

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