frustrated fish 年年有鱼?


I entered for a photo contest. I only submitted one image. One is enough, because photo contest is pretty much like gambling.

Here is the image. You can help me win by clicking “vote for me” at the upper right hand.

The image I submit is titled “FISH.”

Why fish? Read on…

Fish, or “鱼”pronounces “yu” in Chinese and sounds the same as“余,” which means “surplus” and “prosperity.” Thus, fish in Chinese culture is a symbol for a prosperous life and has been a popular subject in Chinese painting and folk arts. Folk artworks with images of fish are among the most popular Chinese New Year decorations, because everyone wishes for a prosperous life.

With the economic recession, aggravated by unfair political systems, however, there is a huge gap between reality and our desire for a good life, wherever we are – China, the United States, England, Africa… Even hardworking people with high education and expertise skills find themselves unemployed and struggling. The world we live in is beyond our grasp.

So I made a series of images called “FISH” to show the ironic and frustrating reality –the prosperity we were promised by politicians is but a fish without flesh!

This image is a collage that includes two photographs I took, a Chinese character for “fish” and my name stamp, or my Chinese way of signature.  The format of the image mimics that of a Chinese painting. Yet the content lacks the harmonic beauty of the traditional Chinese painting. What we see is but a deeply troubled fish, or mermaid without flesh. Even her tail is downgraded into a Bakchoy leaf, a vegetable the poor ate in old China, who couldn’t afford fish or meat.

参加了一个one life国际摄影赛事。只提交了一张图片,因为摄影赛事和赌博没什么区别。参加赛事,其实需要坐禅的心态。




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