Girls for Sale 女孩折价待售

Girls for Sale – Images by xiaomei chen

上周五晚,华盛顿的小资社区Georgetown举办Fashion’s Night Out。橱窗里站真人模特,都是女性,有小女孩,也有熟女。这算是文化活动,更是商业推广,目的很明确,就是吸引物质男女来疯狂购物。这其实就是PR活动。在雨中倘佯着,并没有什么心情拍摄物质男女们的兴奋。回来后,也不急着编辑图片。今天,终于一边看9/11纪念日新闻专题,一边编辑那晚的图片。忽然想,其实当晚可以使使坏,学Martin Parr,用镜头暴露生活里荒唐的一面:女孩折价待售。可惜,意识到这点时已经太晚。

Photographed Fashion’s Night Out in Georgetown, Wasington, DC last Friday. Honestly, I was not very interested in such PR events and I didn’t put too much heart or attention. All I had was pretty much snapshots. Now looking back, it occurred to me that I could have mimicked Martin Parr and showed the ridiculousness in life.

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