New York snapshots

A few snapshots from New York weeks ago, which I almost forgot.


骑自行车去MoMa时,路过这个餐馆,被里头的红、黑二色吸引,就走进去和人家瞎聊一会儿。Riding a bike past this restaurant, I was struck by the red and black in it, thus went in to take a look.

每次坐地铁,都不能把眼睛从墙上的画面拉走。I can never take my eyes away from the ad at NYC metros.

虽然后院很荒芜,但中间的取款机却是功能齐全的。Though the yard looks abandoned, the ATM machine is not.

纽约空中走廊总有不少人,似乎多是游客。People, probably mostly tourists from around the world, take a break from the city in the city.

他们似乎是纽约客,来闹市里稍静的空中走廊悠闲一下的吧?Do they look like New Yorkers?

能在闹市睡,也是一种本事。I think it takes some skills to be able to sleep like that.

当然,这是在苹果里了。看到那人身上的地图了吗?Do you see the map of NYC?

这次在纽约,居然发现街市里常有椅凳,走累了,就随处坐下来休息一下。This time I noticed there were quite some chairs in many areas of NYC. You could simply sit down for a break if exhausted from walking the Apple city.

纽约是艺术之都,我们都知道,但没想到那儿的旅游纪念品店铺也自称为 “画廊”。Everyone know NYC is the center of world art. But how many would think even a small shop selling souvenirs would be named GALLERY, too?

纽约人很多。但广告也多,广告里的人比真人醒目。People, people and people. There are people everywhere in New York. However, it seems the people in the ad stand out more than the real people.

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