Huangtian 黄田

(Note: English text below Chinese)



Huangtian, a small Hakka town in east Guangdong Province, sits by the East River and in the valley of Gui Mountains. Before express highways were built, the East River was an important water way in the mountainous area, making Huangtian an important traffic and commercial center in old times. It was still a small town, though, with only one main street.

As economy develops in China and express highways were built, Huangtian has lost its role as a traffic and commercial center. With the young people leaving for bigger towns, Huantian is now a forgotten place. Its only traditional Hakka house, which is surrounded by modern but ugly houses, is almost empty.

But the Chinese always remember our root. Although people have left their hometown for bigger cities, they always return to worship their ancestors at their family shrines. When rich, people rebuilt their family shrines, which would bless them and their offsprings.The Shrine of the Zeng family was rebuilt last year and a ceremony was held on Jan. 9 to celebrate the new family shrine.

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