contrast on the road,路上的反差


Sunday, I felt dizzy from reading while taking a bus to Guangzhou. So I looked out of the window and enjoyed a moving image of the green mountains, dotted by small villages. That was a soothing image.

Monday, I was busy applying for different certificate at different government offices. On my way to those offices, I saw a different picture. Outside Chebei Police station, a crowd watched a conflict between tricycle owners and the police. Some on lookers smiled while those in conflict yelled at each other in anger. I quickly took out my camera and snapped a few pictures. I had to be quick as I knew neither the tricycle owners nor the police would like my camera, which turned out to be true. They immediately stopped me.

I didn’t resist and walked into Chebei Police Station where I requested a letter to prove that I had lost my passport to Hong Kong. The policeman on duty was reluctant to help and tried to find excuses not to issue the letter. In the mean time, four policemen carried a man, probably the tricycle owner, inside, two holding his hands, the other two holding his feet, as if they were carrying a pig, or cow, or sheep. That was quite a picture, but my instinct told me not to take my camera out again.

The policeman on duty finally agreed to write that letter for me, very reluctantly. I walked out of the police station as soon as I got the letter. This is not somewhere you want to stay long. But I saw several people squatting at the gate and they didn’t any desire to leave. They were obviously with the man who had just been arrested. They looked quite despondent.





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