coffee and alcohol “没”酒咖啡

(English Text below Chinese)
回来后,除了想念地球另一边的朋友们,还想念不昂贵却美好的酒和咖啡。倒不是在中国没有好酒好咖啡,而是他们基本成了新贵炫耀身份的小奢侈品,我一小文人消费不起。月初在纽约,进地铁站时看见一只咖啡杯立在铁门上,出地铁站时看见艳蓝的黄昏天色里一酒店(liquor store,名副其实的卖酒的店,不是hotel)的招牌。似乎很讽刺啊。

Kind of funny (or ironic)  that I saw a coffee cup when I entered the metro in New york, then a liquor store as I got out, because affordable good coffee and good wine are just what I miss in China, besides all the friends I left behind.

Not that I couldn’t find wine or coffee in China, but they are made symbols for ” luxurious western – often mistaken for good – taste” here so that I can’t really afford consuming them, at least not often. I was angry to find a cup of 2-buck coffee cost 35 to 50 RMB and decided not to consume any coffee outside home. Fortunately, I can make coffee at home. But it is a pain when I travel. As for wine, just forget it here in China. A 15-buck wine would cost at least 350 RMB (around $50). So I drink home made Hakka wine now.

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