Expensive private life assistnt wanted 高薪聘请

(Translation below Chinese text)


Saw an ad for “private life assistants” in Gangding, Guangzhou today. I was quite shocked by its content, although the other passers-by seemed to take it for granted. Here is the translation:

Sincerely Looking for Private Life Assistant

Qualifications: men or women, between 18 and 35, must be healthy, open-minded, gentle,  gracious,  romantic and communicative. We possibly could help you develop your career. If you are single, we can make you a full time mistress or gigolo.

Responsibilities: Take care of our customers, including shopping, business trips, vacations, etc. Also help our customers’ with their private lives.

Payment:  Part-time or full-time, high wages negotiable. We provide food and accommodations.

Contact Mr. Liu at 136 9747 7129

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