last week at REDTORY 来自红砖场

(English below Chinese text)
上周日,在红砖场听了张翠蓉的讲座,然后去看了几个展览,包括吴冠中的作品翻印展和美国电影海报展。对于海报,没有特别喜欢的。但吴冠中的作品,我喜爱至极。他的简约和抽象,让我想起我喜爱的另一个艺术家,Georgia O’keeffe。观赏了大师的作品后,似乎周围的景物都成了他的作品,比如那面斑驳的墙。

Went to a talk By Cuirong Zhang at Redtory near downtown Guangzhou last Sunday. Then went to a couple art shows there. One of them is American Movie posters, another one is Wu Guanzhong’s art world. I am not a big fan of the posters, but really loved the works by Wu Guanzhong, whose minimalist abstract dipiction of our world reminds me of Georgia O’keeffe. After viewing his works for an hour, it seemed my surroundings had become an image by him, for example, that wall with a sense of history…

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