Five TOMs, Five OBAMAs 五个汤姆眼中的五个奥巴马

This is another cover story I did with my colleagues Miaoyuan Wu, Sasha Gong, Hu Weidong, Liu Ziyu, Heyi and Ruan Xiaoxia at Modern Weekly. Another good example of team work. It was censored last year, but we managed to run it this week. Many thanks to all the Toms. Many thanks to Pete Souza for his wonderful photography! Here is the link to the text:

本周《周末画报》封面故事,五个汤姆眼中的五个奥巴马。策划:巫妙云,陈小枚;采写:陈小枚、龚小夏、吴梦启;文字编辑:胡卫东、何怡、刘子玉;图片编辑:陈小枚;版式设计:阮筱夏。我们再次充分发挥我们的团队精神。非常感谢所有的tom与我们分享他们对奥巴马的看法。也很感谢Pete Souza的图片!这是文章链接:

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