landscape in the rain 雨中的风景

I dozed off while listening to The Beautiful Country, really half dreaming in the music, when I heard raindrops beating the bus window. I opened my eyes and fell into a dream-like tropical landscape. I was glad I was on the road with my music full of my ears – I was returning to Guangzhou from my birth city Heyuan after a weekend visit to my parents. And yet I kind of felt sad that I was so far from so many beautiful lands – Iran being one of them. So a map started to grow in my head. I first saw China, then Iran, then middle east, then the whole world. It excited me as much as it exhausted me. Can you imagine standing in front of a map of the world and getting thrilled by all those names, and then disappointed because you simply could not just go off? I once told Abbas that I loved my country, but hated borders. I did and I do.

By the way, the last image was not really from the rainy journey. It was taken at my parents’s back yard.

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