Brazil: It’s better talk this way 巴西:这样交谈好点

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On an overcast spring afternoon, I walked toward a beach in Gloria, Rio, nervous from warnings of danger at the beach. There was an eerie silence in the gloomy air until I heard sounds of a harmonica, drifting with the tides. Not long after I saw a black young man, sitting at the beach, facing the ocean, his bike behind him, completely lost in his music and the sounds of ocean. I stopped to feel the emotional music notes swimming with the tides and flying in the wind. “This is a man with a story to tell,” I said to myself, when the young man turned to me, smiling. I smiled back,”Ohla!” He started talking in Portuguese, which I did not understand at all. I shook my head with an apologetic smile. He tried one more time only to hear me saying “I don’t understand” in English. He laughed, said one line and started playing his harmonica. It was one of the best live performances I’ve ever enjoyed. That evening, a friend of mine translated the young man’s words for me. His last line before the live performance for me was “it’s better talk this way.”

Inspired by his music and his creative way to communicate, I decide to talk with the images I made in Brazil. Images are my way as music was his. Combining my way – images – with his way  music, I present to you my impression of Brazil, a country with rich colors, lively sounds, friendly smiles, a land of danger, excitement,and suffering.  

(Note: The layouts are part of the special report, also a cover story about Brazil I did for Modern Weekly.)




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