who are we?


I was really shocked to see a project done by a Mr. Alejandro Almaraz, with similar techniques I am using for an art project at Lens blog of NYT:


But interesting, even though we seem to think similar, we are in fact very different. Mr. Almaraz sees links between physical look and power or strong desire for power, while I see links between humans. He thinks about power and wouldn’t hang the images on his walls while I think about life and roots and already have a few of the images on my office walls.

The above slideshow, “Who Are We?” is extended from another project called “Where are we from, where are we going,” which is inspired by Paul Gauguin’s painting. In my project, I want to show a belief that the beginning and ending points of all human lives are the same. I am hoping to have 360 triptychs for “where are we from” project, another 360 images for the “who are we” project” – 360 is a symbol for a circle. Life is a circle. Both projects are in progress.

In the above slideshow I created, you can see how one person evolves into another person, how strangers can share some features. Maybe we are not that different from other people as we like to believe.

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