I am an editor, too

While most friends and colleagues remember me as a photographer, I am actually also an editor – and a writer. After I moved back to China, I worked for Modern Weekly for three and a half years as an editor, taking care of both its visuals and reporting. I upgraded their Special Report section,  created VISION, a section dedicated to photo stories and photo essays. Here are  a few VISION layouts, and a few from special reports and cover stories.

Next Stop: Home (Migrant workers traveling home for Chinese New Year. Photos by anonymous photographer through an agency. )


Foreign Models in China’s Shop Windows. Photos by Xiaomei Chen.


China by Christopher Brown, showing conflicting elements in developing China.

China mimicking European style architecture, photos by Qian Dongsheng.


Disappearing Historic Buildings in Qingdao, China. Photos by Wu Zhengzhong.


Chinese in Africa (Photos by Paolo Woods, licensed from Redux.)


Chinese Shoppers in Paris, photos by Johann Rousselot


A cover story about Dilma Rousseff. Photos by various photographers. Text by Jonathan Watts.



A special report about Deep Springs College. Photos by various photographers, text by Xiaomei Chen


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