Mong Kok in the Afternoon

The sun pours down between high rise buildings on Argyle Street in Mong Kok, Hong Kong, hitting the street crowds, highlighting the emotions in their faces as they stream toward me.  Inch by inch the sun crawls west. Inch by inch I follow its track, pointing a bulky 200 mm lens at the intriguing looks. Look of agony. Look of suffering. Look of confusion. Look of joy. Look of impatience. Look of bitterness. Look of determination. Look of doubt. Look of disdain. Look of boredom. Look of emptiness. Look of satisfaction. Look of joy. Look of hope.

Inch by inch, I follow the sun, hunting all kinds of looks, all kinds of emotions. And I wonder who they are, what they are, what make them look the way they look. What lies behind all those looks?

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