I am always fascinated by mannequins. When I walk past shops, either in the high-end shopping malls or the dim street corners, I slow down when I see mannequins. Not to check out the latest fashion, to stare at the mannequins. I look into their blank eyes and I get a chill sense of surrealism. Blank, yet surreal. A huge space for imagination.  I’ve always wanted to do an art project with mannequins.

Today, I happen to see some mannequins at DesignInspire  expo in Hong Kong, which is to be open tomorrow (Dec. 07,2017). I looked at them for a long time, as fascinated as when I first saw a mannequin when a kid. They reminded me of a line by Edgar Allan Poe: Out of space, out of time.

Some day, I will do an art project with mannequins.

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