Hats off Jiamin Hu, and Liu

A little boy scampered past a mural titled  “Time Discrepancy.” His blue school uniform is the same color as that of the empty chair in the mural. The coincidence is ironic, as what his school uniform stands for contradicts what the empty chair stands for.  I felt a bit shocked.

In fact, it is quite shocking that this mural passed the censorship and is still available on the wall of Guandi Temple in Nantou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. Many people have noticed it, some take selfies with it, but few really know what it means, or what the empty chair stands for.

Are you thinking that the control in the biggest country (in terms of population) is loosening? Nope. It is actually getting tighter. The materialization of “Time Discrepancy”in Shenzhen is probably a result of ignorance. Information was so controlled in this country that even government officials know little about the Chinese Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Mr. Liu, who passed away this year.

I have no doubt that someone is going to be in big trouble once the reports about this mural comes out in Hong Kong. I hope the artist can travel back to his home in France by then. Hats off to him, as well as to Liu and his wife.


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