Portraits of artists: Fang Lijun

It probably tickled him when I asked Fang Lijun if I could photograph his bald head with his famous “2016 Autumn ”  as a background. That photo taken, he told me that the painted bald head to his left was his, too!  He laughed when I asked if I could also photograph him standing between two walls, which would make him look cornered, or like a student being punished by his teacher.  Like many real and pure artists I met over my years as a writer/photographer, Fang was very down to earth, never to put on airs.  I like Fang’s artworks.  He is one of the few Chinese artists whose works I deeply appreciate.  One of the few who have something to say and and say it in their distinct styles.  Fang’s works send out a strong message in a unique style. And he is very bold, or brave.

(Photo credit: SCMP / XIAOMEI CHEN)

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