Portraits of artist – Jonathan Roxmouth

He was not offended or upset at all when I shut him behind a fire escape door. I  asked him to look into my camera through a  glassed slit. Then I asked him to place his hand up against the other glassed slit. Then I moved him and had him sit on a stool and  positioned him so that he was framed by a rectangular in the wall. I know I could be a very demanding photographer. But he was very patient and cooperative during the whole shoot.  I was impressed, considering the fact that not many stars in the entertainment industry are this down to earth.  This star I photographed weeks ago is Jonathan Roxmouth from South Africa. By the way, I tend to make the subject ugly if he or she is too full of himself/herself. There was a time I wanted to make someone look sinister with two harsh side lights. He was lucky because I didn’t have two lights with me. But I wouldn’t want to make Jonanthan Roxmouth look sinister or ugly. Because I believe he is NOT.  

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