Portraits of Artists: Vladimir Davidovich Ashkenazy

When I read my colleague Bernice Chan’s interview  with Vladimir Davidovich Ashkenazy, it was almost like listening to him talking again, his eyes glistening with childlike smiles. Shining miles revealing a pure soul. Bernice and I were lucky to get two tickets to listen to him  conducting Glazunov and Beethoven. And we had the best seats! It was one of the best concerts I’ve been to in the past two years. For weeks after the concert, I listened to him and Beethoven at youtube with my Denon earphones late at night, getting too hyper to sleep, till I shifted to Uchida playing Mozart and Schubert, which also stole some of my necessary sleep. My mother would say I am hopeless, like drug addicts.

Here is the piece by Bernice:


(Photos ©  SCMP?Xiaomei Chen)

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