Let there be light, again

Two glasses of Spanish red wine downed, I move the curser, click the mouse, and Mitsuko Uchida plays Mozart. K466, one of my all time favorites. One of the pieces that can boil my blood, calm my head, and make  my torso  move almost like  my head, my neck, my arms, my fingers, my legs, my feet until I am drunk in my blood with an illusion that I was the conductor and pianist. But I am clear in my head, because I suddenly   remember that imaginary President Underwood saying something like “it is time to sail with the wind, not against it.” And I remember that runner I photographed not long ago. I remember asking him how he started running. He said he was pestered by all kinds of problems just as we all do. Relationships problems. Family issues. Career bottleneck. So he  runs to the mountain, to nature. He keeps running. Running and running and running. Now he wants to run across North America, then south American. Maybe around the world after that.  “Like Forest Gump?” I remember saying to him. Then I made him run toward light. Night was about to fall and I made run toward light. Let there be light, I remember saying to myself silently, Let there be light. Now Uchida is playing Schubert D. 960. Another piece I love deeply. Come tomorrow, I shall go see the sea, with Mozart and Schubert, and my kindle.

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