Oak Cliff (I)

Another long walk. This time along Jefferson Boulevard in Oak Cliff, a neighborhood just a few miles south of downtown Dallas. It reminds me of South Federal Boulevard in Denver. It is obviously very Mexican, thus colorful. People are friendly.  They greeted me with warm smiles and kind warnings: be safe. Many businesses there are closed early around 5 p.m. for safty reasons, I heard. This is quite different from Federal Boulevard in Denver. I think I will go back there.


Georgina E. Jasso, 2, looked out of a window. I waved my camera to the man standing by her, asking if I could take her pictures. He nodded. Before I took the second picture of the girl, he grabbed her out of the restaurant and tried to pose her. I was a little disappointed while at the same time very thankful for his friendliness. I guess parents always like to pose their kids in front of a camera. Fortunately, Georgina seemed very independent and she just ignored her dad.


He was at the bus stop when I first saw him. Two hours later,  when I walked back toward my car, he was still there. Obviously he was not waiting for a bus. The bus stop is a shelter for him.  He called himself Michael H. E. But he really couldn’t spell his last name and he was a little annoyed because I kept asking if he could spell his name for me.


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