Oak Cliff (II)

Several more hours in Oak Cliff today. Yes, Oak Cliff, where An American flag and a Mexican one fly in the wind “shoulder by shoulder” as if they were good friends, where party stores are filled by colorful and “happy” Pinatas, where a pedestrian dawdling in the harsh sunlight sometimes makes you feel you are in Mexico, not US. I actually found a bus station on Jefferson that provides bus services to Mexico – $100 for a round trip, making me feel “I should take advantage of this and go to Mexico.” And I still think so.

Met more interesting people, artists of different kinds. Daniel Padilla does abstract and thousand-dollar artwork. Willie Lewis charged his clients $6 for doing a pencil drawing of two brothers. When I declined to have my portrait drawn, he said, “how about two dollars?” Steve Cruz was painting a mural on 7th Street. It was part of a project called “The 7th Street Murals,” organized by Cruz and painted by several Oak Cliff artists. Cruz hopes to attract more people to bike and walk along 7th street, which is next to Davis St. and goes across Bishop Ave. He has a side hope: More may stop by the galleries in the neighborhood, one of which is his. Whichever hope is bigger, people are glad he and his peers are doing this. They came to thank him.

And there is Wendi Medling, who claimed that her gift shop was the only pure fair trade shop in Dallas area. In her display window stands a buddha with a price label. I couldn’t help but wonder, who will buy a buddha? Does buddha only bless his future owner in America? How would the Buddhists in Asia think about this?

And the birds…They are music notes standing in the score made of electric lines. They are musical visually as well as audibly.

Oh, yes, I met that Michael H.E. again. He recognized me. He looked at me as if I were from another planet. He might have thought, “why does this small woman with two big cameras come again?”  But he couldn’t say anything. He could hardly speak English.













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