she made my day

Water – oceans, rivers, streams, lakes – gives soul to a place. Without White Rock Lake, life would be different for me in Dallas. The lake has become a place where I seek peace by roaming around it and looking around while walking. Cliches as they are, the silhouettes – people running, biking, fishing or roaming around like me and dogs chasing a bug – in the evening from before the sunset till the dark swallows the park often make one feel lives being lived pleasantly. Life is good despite everything. It gives you comfort and takes away aches in the body or mind.

When the mother and her baby in the stroller neared me, they smiled the sweetest smiles. I smiled back with admiration. Wasn’t that an adorable baby? Her charming eyes! They were full of curiosity that adults  lost along the way they grew up and beceme socialized people. The baby was curious about my black hair. She pulled it with excitement. It hurt a little bit, but she had fun doing that. I had fun playing with her, too. She made me day.





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