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sound of new york 纽约之音

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sound of nyc 上周在纽约,天天被各种噪音包围,睡觉不安稳,时时刻刻都犯困。有点恼怒。就借了朋友的录音机,收集了许多噪音,今天把他们合成在一起。目的就是让你们也体会一下国际都市的声音污染。抱歉。。。作为补偿,在博文末尾给一个《渔樵问答》的连谏,安抚一下你们听完噪音后的烦躁情绪。 After listening many times to the recordings of the noises I collected in New York last week, I was too overwhelmed not to escape from my laptop. I sat at the porch for almost two hours … Continue reading

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